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We Help You Build A Winning Digital Marketing Team

What Can We Help Businesses Achieve?

Team Building


Build an in-house digital marketing team for your business

Corporate Training


Upgrade skills of the existing digital marketing team

Knowledge Feed


Get access to the latest contents in digital from around the globe

Trusted By Some of the Most Esteemed Organisations

Quality Team With The Right Skill Set Knows

When to invest
Where to invest
How to invest
Why not to invest

Throughout the customer buying cycle

Customer Buying Cycle.

We Ensure That You Get The Expected Return On Investment

By training teams in the most structured manner

We have discovered dozen of digital marketing structures while working with few of the most promising businesses globally. Therefore, the learning process is extremely focused to the revenue on investment and business goals.

Structured Digital Marketing Program

By consulting & monitoring over time

Our offerings also ensure that you not only train the existing teams but also allow you to hire, evaluate competencies, guide throughout the process and monitor them to get the best outcomes. Revisiting goals and revising them in digital is the icebreaker.

How Can You Get The Best Out Of Our Offerings

Learning Methodology

Digital Marketing Training Overview

The primary objective of this module is to examine and explore the role and importance of digital marketing in today’s rapidly changing business environment. It also focuses on how digital marketing can be utilised by organisations and how its effectiveness can measured.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance business understanding to devise effective marketing strategies
  • Improve problem solving skills by minimizing variables
  • Monitor and manage teams effectively using dashboards
  • Illustrate how the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign can be measured
  • Learn to optimize team performance keeping the budget intact
  • Learn how to allocate digital marketing spends for different channels

Delivery Method

Face to face in a live two-way interactive format with the instructor. Participants will be able to interact over voice or through a chat box.


Executives will be awarded certification on the basis of the course they opt for.

Course Curriculum

Core / Strategy Course

This course allows an executive to have a clear understanding of the business from a marketing perspective. Core course will cover necessary skills needed to understand the positioning, values, vision, offerings, long term strategy, revenue model, customers, competitors, USPs, pain points and more of a business set-up

Channel Courses

Once an executive understands the core of the business from a digital perspective, it’s time to dig deeper into the application layer. Having a hands-on experience on a specific digital marketing channel or a set of channels will help you build a purposeful digital marketing team.

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Note: You can chose a set of channel courses that suit your needs based on the business goals and objectives.


Advanced Courses

Learn powerful Digital Marketing Structures

Learn powerful Digital Marketing Structures

SEO is not done, it happens in 2018 - Learn Why & How

Know the right way of running FB ads - Learn Paid Ad Structures

See how AI is working in the field of PPC - Learn future MarTech

How to spy on your competitors - Learn the Tools

Right budgeting for measurable ROI focused on business KPI

Lead generation for businesses


Transform The Digital Capabilities Of Your Team

Hire Talent

DMU Recruit/Hire Talent is a dedicated platform for corporates to identify and connect with the most talented professionals in digital. We ensure that we scrutinize well for quality resources.



This service involves the evaluation of the candidates based on their educational background, affinity towards an industry, social skills and aspirations.



Building a team and assigning appropriate tasks based on primary business goals is an inherent part of the overall marketing plan, however, we also help you monitor and evaluate the outcomes on a regular interval.


Keep Your Team Aware Of The Latest Trends In Digital

Get FREE access to DMU Knowledge Feed, an exclusive platform with the latest digital marketing updates from around the world. We cut through all the digital marketing noise by scanning over 1000 pages of news/content every day and cover the day's most useful digital marketing content.

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This Is Why We Do, What We Do

Frequently Asked Questions

It entirely depends on the size of your business, digital knowledge gap of the team, goals planned for this year and the budget you have in mind. To get outcomes in a short span of time, we recommend that you should go for either Power Workshops and/or Advanced Courses. However, if you team is new, we recommend that you should opt for Live Coaching followed by Power Workshops to help them reach a stage where micro management of resources won’t be necessary.

In a nutshell, we have 3 layers of courses customized based on your possible requirement.

  • Core Course - a must for anyone who is getting into digital marketing
  • Channel Courses - a must for teams who are looking for specialization
  • Advanced Courses - a must for teams to solve functional problems to optimize results

Any or more of the above courses can be bundled together for a robust foundation in digital marketing. We offer training in 3 formats

The delivery method we follow are quite flexible

  • Self Learn - learn at your own pace
  • Live Coaching - faculty led online interactive training
  • Power Workshops - highly interactive and offline faculty led training

Our trainers are entrepreneurs and practitioners who are the contribution to the growth of the digital marketing ecosystem in India from the last 20+ years. We are digital success partners to few of the world’s most promising companies - Uber, Unilever, Bridgestone, Tesco Bank, Bank of America, Cashpoint, Fox, Mattel to name a few.

Digital is growing at a spectacular rate of 30% every year and it is considered to be the most effective revenue generating engine in any business.

Our training modules are customized and can be taken up by business of any size. However, the only constraint is to ensure that the batch size is economically feasible for us.

You can email us at for the complete breakdown of the course curriculum. However, we suggest that you should get in touch with us so that we can help you understand what course is best suited for your business.

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