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About DMU Corporate Programs

Digital is growing and so do the businesses that are leveraging the power of digital. Take help from our pool of industry experts to boost the digital capabilities of your team.

Our aim is to create clarity, ownership & savings in the marketing supply chain for your business.

How would I know that investing in digital is giving me returns?

It has a lot to do with logical structures to measure the outcomes from digital. If you have a clarity about the investments and expected results from digital, the RoI is guaranteed. We ensure that your team is exposed to frameworks that can help them measure the results realtime for each dollar they spend in digital marketing.

Digital is very powerful provided used correctly. The biggest challenge is the vastness it offers. One can spend the whole year working on various things but get very little results or spend some limited time on a few selected areas to get exceptional results. Also, it offers few things which other marketing channels may not offer like niche-group branding, research just before sales (some industries have 80%+ market here), etc. Some of it is very critical for any business.

The training & consulting practice we offer is derived from over two decades of experience we have garnered while working with and delivering value to many of the most promising organizations globally. Often, the expectations from our clientele are completely different from each other, as a result, our team has to iterate the solutions a dozen times to discover a structure that can get promising results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital and its constantly evolving technologies are changing the way people interact with each other on a global scale. It’s also changing the way people interact with businesses, the way they select and buy products.

The age-old marketing strategies of bait-and-switch or coercive tactics to close a sales deal won’t work. Our digital marketing corporate training course helps your team.

  • create ROI-driven marketing strategies with customers at the center.
  • come up with strategies to connect and engage with your customers at the place and time they want.
  • identify the right marketing components using the right frameworks.

You can know more about the ways the course can help your team here

The program modules are fully customized based on various parameters which include (but not limited to)

  • Team size & capability
  • Short and long term revenue goals
  • Products/service offerings
  • Available market size (local/international)
  • Marketing budgets
  • Current strategies
  • Time frame and milestones
  • Competitors
  • Target customers etc

However, our training programs emphasize on the following areas as a standard procedure.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn frameworks that will help you choose the right mix of digital channels
  • Learn to choose a compelling Call To Action for every TG-channel set
  • Formulate an ROI-driven strategy with the 12+ strategy components
  • Design ads for different channels, target group, and buyer stages
  • Learn to optimize landing pages that can get 20-30% better conversions
  • 1:4:12 rule of budgeting: Learn to manage your budget like a pro
  • Learn about the 4 digital markets and how everything falls under it
  • Tools that are critical for research, content, automation, design & analysis
  • Core marketing principles and how it impacts your digital marketing

Team Capability Mapping

  • Areas of improvement on the basis of channels & TG
  • Competency mapping for digital marketing tools
  • Contribution towards strategic inputs to set business goals
  • Expectation mismatch between the resource and the organization 
  • Skill-gap in terms of product and market understanding
  • Emerging trend and technical knowledge gap

Dashboarding & Review

  • Keep a track of the performance of your marketing team on a regular basis
  • Understand how effective each channel is at driving visitors to the website
  • Examine the correlation between website performance and social performance
  • Get an in-depth view of the conversion funnel to make informed marketing decisions
  • Track campaign ROI channel-wise using KPIs that influence the business outcomes
  • Visualize key metrics on a dashboard to get instant validation of the actions

The customer journey is no longer linear; which means the customer is interacting with your business on his/her mobile and at the same time looking for information about your business on the company website. Or it can also mean that the customer sees your ad on Facebook, checks the product details, and heads to your retail store to purchase the product.

Either way, it means that the customer journeys are complex, stretch across multiple channels and touchpoints, and often last days or weeks.  Our corporate training course on digital marketing will help your team understand the customer journey and how to improve it. In fact, as per the 2019 digital trends by Adobe and Econsultancy, customer journey management is the top digital-related priority for larger organizations.

Your customers don’t understand concepts like above the line, below the line, digital, traditional, direct, indirect, linear or any other marketing channel/ endeavour. All these are meaningless for them. What they care about is the experience – how your marketing strategy piques their interest and helps them make more informed decisions. 

When it comes to catching your customer’s attention in a time when people’s attention span is shrinking, creating wow content and campaigns is a high priority for businesses. In the 2019 digital trends report, creatives regard ‘standout content and campaigns’ as the number one priority for 2019.

Our digital marketing training for corporates course includes a session on creating relevant+wow content - from landing pages that convert to ads that standout.


There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Hence, the course is customised based on your needs and requirements. Get in touch with us and tell us 

  • the areas where the team is struggling
  • measures taken by you to bridge the skills gap

Yes, we do. After the successful completion of the course, your team members will be awarded certificates.

We have a structured process to assess the growth of the participants based on the defined KPIs.