World’s most structured digital marketing master course

World’s most structured digital marketing crash course

You’ll learn the most advanced frameworks in the most simple and structural way. Build your base right and add muscles with each module to deliver consistent results. People will call you genius but for you it will always be right structural approach again and again.

Live Session
Hand holding
Post Module learning
Case Studies

Course Outline

  • Business Framework (5 mins)
    1. 4 pillars of business
    2. BMC & its implication on marketing and digital marketing
    3. Optional Reading/viewing materials: 2 hours +
    4. Optional Assignment: 1
  • • Marketing Framework & Connecting it with business. (5 mins)
    1. Top 4 components of marketing
    2. Reading materials: 1 hour +
    3. Optional Reading/viewing materials: 2 hours +
    4. Optional Assignment: 1
  • Digital Marketing from a business and marketing perspective (5 mins)
    1. Digital is more than tech today
    2. Digital and 4Ps of marketing
    3. Digital Transformation and digital marketing
    4. Examples: Use of digital in product, pricing, and place
    5. Recommended Assignment: 1
  • Digital Marketing Components Overview – Explaining &Connecting (30 mins)
    1. (Building the skeleton, bare structure, and explaining)
    2. Set A components
      1. Business, Marketing & Digital Marketing Objectives
      2. 4 Broad TGs
      3. identifying the buying behaviour and thus marketing routes
    3. For Set A, define Set B
      1. Customer Journey for Different A Sets
      2. Digital Market Definition – ToFu, Mofu, Bofu
      3. Channel Definition for Markets – Paid, Non-Paid
    4. 3 Examples
    5. 1 Assignment
    6. For Set A & B, view the strategy component.
      1. Reach Strategy
      2. Communication Strategy
      3. Infrastructure Strategy
      4. Higher LTV strategy
    7. CAC / LTV – Just an overview
  • Digital Marketing – Connecting all of the above channels, and communication into one view (15 mins)
  • Bonus Videos
    1. Digital Landscape

  • 3 Digital Markets & Connecting them with ToFu, MoFu and BoFu
  • Digital Markets and Channel Mapping using Paid and Non-Paid
  • Understand each channel – Important tools.
    1. SEM / Search Ads (Keyword research, campaign panels & core components) – 30 mins
    2. SEO – 30 mins
    3. Social Ads / Meta / LinkedIn ads (Audience creation – 30 mins
    4. Display / YouTube Ads – 30 mins
    5. Social Media Content Marketing – 30 mins
    6. Email Marketing – 30 mins
    7. Other channels – 30 mins
  • Ful Funnel Reach Strategy – 15 mins
  • B2B & B2C differences – 15 mins
  • Summarizing all the channels together
  • Reading material for all the channels to go through in detail
  • Assignments – 2
  • Getting a sample account to create and exposure to create ads

  • Customer Journey and Communication
  • Different Routes and Communication
  • Communication Touchpoints
  • Communication Framework
  • Brand Language
  • Communication & Channel
    1. Search Ad communication
    2. Social Ads Communication
    3. YouTube Communication
    4. Social Media Communication
    5. Email Communication
    6. & more
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Utility Campaign
  • Full Funnel – Content & Communication
  • Digital Communication Best practices – expandability, interactivity
  • Reading material
    1. Brand Components
    2. 15 creative communication

  • Strengthen your understanding of customer & Segment
  • Strengthen your understanding of the offering/product
  • CAC / LTV calculations
  • Different Layer of Analytics
  • Before Web analytics (-1 layers)
  • Web analytics (0 Layer) – Understanding google analytics
  • After Web analytics (+1 Layers) – CRM and integration
  • KPIs across the funnel
  • Reading material:
    1. Google analytics (GA 4), CRM
    2. Detailed CAC / LTV Calculation.
  • Recommended Assignment: 2

  • Yearly Planner
  • Budgeting
  • Team Planning
  • Strategy – Step by Step approach
    1. B2C Example
    2. B2B Example
    3. Startups vs large
  • Putting all the components of digital marketing strategy together
  • Debugging the digital marketing performance
  • Recommended Assignment: 2


“Get many internal documents that our Master Practitioners are using every day.”

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Course Timeline

15 Mar

Intro to the course

7 to 8 pm (Introduction to self-learning platform and

Module 1 is made live for all to see and learn (one week is given to go through all the reading)

22 Mar

Live session (7 to 8 pm) answering all queries of Module 1 and giving an intro to Module 2

Module 2 is made live

29 Mar

Live session (7 to 8 pm) answering all queries of Module 2 and giving an intro to Module 3

Module 3 is made live

5 Apr

Live session (7 to 8 pm) answering all queries of Module 3 and giving an intro to Module 4

Module 4 is made live

12 Apr

Live session (7 to 8 pm) answering all queries of Module 4 and giving an intro to Module 5

Module 5 is made live

Everyone gets participation certificate

19 Apr

Live session (7 to 9 pm) answering all queries of Module 5

Exam for certification (optional)

Master Trainer

Aji Issac Mathew is creating structures for the whole industry. People follow his frameworks across many countries. He is a thought leader in digital marketing industry. He is also co-founder CEO of & Indus Net Techshu (One of the largest digital marketing firms). He is also training corporates & top institutes like Stanford Seed,, IIMB, XLRI, IIFT, Aditya Birla Fashion, HP, Ambuja Neotiaetc

Other Master Trainers from various departments will be joining for our practical session.

Learn from people who are doing it every day.

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We give you a complete structure of how to view digital marketing in a sequence. “If you close your eyes and can’t see your subject, you don’t know your subject well enough”. Elon Musk says, we must view knowledge as a semantic tree and get the big branches and trunks first, later add leaves to it.

By the end of the course, you will gain :

  • Fearless confidence about different components of digital marketing.
  • A practical view of different components of digital marketing.
  • Use of digital marketing for the growth of business in a structured way.
  • Further learning links for continuous growth.
  • Many documents for your own use.

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