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Digital Marketing Masterclass

Exclusive for agencies & businesses in the UK who wish to leverage Performance Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy - Program Brief

Why is it that some people are able to make amazing strategies and others are grappling with it. Why some strategies give amazing results than those of the others. Are you using opinion as a strategy or are you using the structure to plan a solid strategy that may churn results? The knowledge that you possess makes a big difference.

In this 4 weeks program, you will touch upon every component of digital to make better decisions while managing a team or an agency. Each lecture of 2 hrs will be followed by a hands-on practical session. The course delivery will be case-based instructor-led live online in a batch of maximum 20 participants.

Lead Training Advisor

Course Conceptualized by

Aji Issac Mathew

CEO, Indus Net TechShu P. Ltd Building Digital Marketing Strategies for businesses since 2002. Know what the participants say about Aji.

Key Takeaways from the Program

  • 16 Hrs of Instructor Led Live Interactive Sessions

  • 5 Case Studies from local business ecosystem

  • Access to DMU Learning Portal for 3 Months

  • DMU Professional & Alumni certification

  • Free Digital Asset Audit Template

Master 25+ Top Digital Marketing Tools


Business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketing heads, channel experts or any decision maker in the business


4-6 hrs in 2 days per week


4 weeks of training & mentoring

Session Delivery

Instructor-led Live Online and can be accessed through any device

Class Timings

Flexible to choose from morning or evening batch

Course Fees

£ 550+Taxes

Detailed Program Modules

The program is designed by thought leaders, doers who are creating success stories every day and channel researchers who know what are the quick wins of 2019.

Preparation: There is mindset, skill set and tool set

Attitude of digital marketing professionals
  1. Think more about customers and business
  2. I know it all, My customer is an idiot
  3. Disrespect to others, they never work from heart
  4. Knowledge is one part of the story, intention and character is the true success story
  5. Think win-win, think of others before thinking of your win
  6. Professional, manager, leader and Entrepreneur within you
  7. Reading material: Business canvas
  8. How to be a problem solver
  9. Level 5 leaders

Learn all about the basics of marketing first
  1. 7Ps of Marketing
  2. Target Markets, Positioning, and Segmentation
  3. Offerings and Brands
  4. Value and Satisfaction
  5. Why people buy
  6. Type of customers
  7. Formulated Marketing
  8. Competition – Direct and indirect
  9. Hedgehog principle
  10. Product – Core Product, Actual product, Expected product, Potential product & Augmented product
  11. Pricing the offering

Understand the industry dynamics first hand
    1. From Search Engines to Social media
    2. From information to Entertainment
    3. From anonymity to identity
Where digital marketing leaders are created
  1. Search
  2. Information -> Wisdom
  3. Communication
  4. Mobile
  5. Ecommerce
  6. Recommendation

Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning
  1. What it means to be good at digital marketing strategy, what it means in a real sense. Different components of it.
  2. Let’s start with the true role of marketing – What is the role of the marketing according to you?
  3. Digital marketing definition that stitches it all
  4. Attitude that makes a huge difference
  5. Introduction to course and getting along for a long journey of perfection
  6. Project: Since the business owners fund the marketing, they have a certain expectation, marketing in a silo is not purposeful. Prepare a business questionnaire, what you will ask a business to understand the business better as described in the class
  7. Assignment: What are the possible outcomes expected for digital promotions? We discussed over 7 outcomes, can you list it down.

It all starts with knowing how to put goals – A very detailed session with assignments, examples, case studies
  1. We will be using the OKR method to set goals, a life skill as a business leader, this can be extended to any phase of life
  2. How it starts with a draft, then weightage, then analysis (competitor, market, SWT and TG analysis), how all this helps you getting objectives for 3 years, goals for a year, detailed numbers for each quarter, can be extended to months and weeks. With examples and exercise
  3. Short, mid and long term goals
  4. Branding, organic growth and sales mix

Starting the strategy as per goals – Selecting TG, Selecting channels
  1. Different types of digital markets
  2. POEM – How to select , how sometimes paid is cheaper than organic
  3. Different TGs
  4. Selecting different Channel
  5. Types of consumption within channels

How to get the messaging right?
  1. Positioning
  2. Messaging for different TG – Different phase of customer
  3. Message for different channel
  4. Different CTA
  5. How to create right ads – value proposition

Investment of assets, how to get assets right
  1. Web
  2. Mobile
  3. Social
  4. Marketplace
  5. How to integrate?
  6. Offline & Online integration

How to allocate budget & define ROI
  1. We have a budget allocation matrix with different components, based on goals this can be filled up. Also, this can give you a rough roadmap for 3 years
  2. LTV and FTV concept, what are the things in our hand to optimize for optimal CPA

Channel strategy - Search
  1. Paid, organic & branding (Paid Owned Earned)
  2. Strategy components, the core areas that impacts, structures to each paid channel. This is the quickest way to get control over your ad campaigns. How to look at the report, how to do the analysis of existing campaigns etc

Conversion Rate Optimization
  1. Landing page optimization
  2. Learning the most effective ways of creating a landing page, this is unlike any other training, this is based on your goals, customer funnels, and the best practices. This is not only for PPC landing pages but also for organic traffic landing pages.

Channel strategy - Social, profile & Content
  1. Paid Owned Earned
  2. Hygiene – Investment for goals mix
  3. Content consolidation vs content creation for 2019
  4. Viral Content vs content for TG
  5. The best practices, the strategy components

Case discussions, Q&A, readings and more
  1. In this module, we will discuss case studies from the industry and also touch upon advanced technologies and tools. Also, we will cover some aspects of tracking, marketing automation, and tools. In addition, we will have a 1 Hr Q&A from the trainees.
  2. How to make a right team, dashboard, reviews and improve execution. This is a great session on, will also help in how to hire the right people for your team
  3. See more trends, example and know how to stay updated
  4. Based on the Q&A touching some of the common areas of concerns, also showing some of the advanced campaigns to give you an idea about possibilities. This will give you a great idea on how to come up with new campaigns and ideas.

Analytics, Marketing, automation
  1. Making sense of Google analytics
  2. Other analytics, how tracking actually works
  3. How is voice tracking happening, privacy issues

Full Strategy Component continues along with analytics, big data, and full-funnel tracking

How tracking works, different options you have for tracking along with understanding the full elements of strategy making

This Is Why We Do, What We Do

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