Yes, it is possible using structures that work well for the best of companies

Digital Marketing Strategy - Course Brief

Why is it that some people are able to make amazing strategies and others are grappling with it. Why some strategies give amazing results than that of the others. Are you using opinion as a strategy or are you using the structure to plan a solid strategy that may churn results? The knowledge that you possess makes a big difference. In the past, our parent company hired dozens of freshers and our of them many are working with few the most respected companies globally. The reason being the structures that they learned and which eventually made them a pro in strategy building and planning.

“Just after working here for 4 years, I've got a raise of 7x using the structures I learned, now I am working as the Head of Marketing, traveling internationally, making a mark for myself in the industry, my client loves me ” - Shafi Ahmed, Chennai

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Course Conceptualized by

Aji Issac Mathew

CEO, Indus Net TechShu P. Ltd Building Digital Marketing Strategies for businesses since 2002. Know what the students has to say about Aji.

A+ grade Course Syllabus – This is core difference

This is designed by A+ grade thought leaders, doers who are creating success stories every day and channel researchers who knows what are the quick wins of 2019.

Digital is very powerful provided used correctly. The biggest challenge is the vastness it offers. One can spend the whole year working on various things but get very little result or spend some limited time on few selected areas to get exception results. Also it offers few things which other marketing channels may not offer like niche-group branding, research just before sales (some industries have 80%+ market here) etc. Some of it is very critical for SMEs. Did you know over 95% of the business units are SMEs? Being really good at Digital marketing can also help you get very good salaries in SMEs, this career option is very critical for everyone esp when the market is bad.

The biggest gain is there is less supply, a lot lesser than the demand, we are talking about A+ grade professionals, in digital this is the only crowd which will enjoy the true digital growth as they create the max impact. Look at the course we have.

Key highlights:
Digital TG Segmentation including search TG segmentation based of keyword groups, profile TG segmentation based of demographic and behaviour etc. This is key to strategy

  1. Channel Selection excel sheet that helps you select the right channels.
  2. Right message and CTA for every TG-Channel combination.
  3. The 12+ strategy components and how to get it right. This is where a true structure and secret emerges to speed track right strategy making.
  4. How to make ads for different channels, TG and buyer stages.
  5. How to optimize landing pages with right CTAs for better result.
  6. How to manage budget, understand 1:4:12 rule of budgeting, a major mistake that professionals are forced to make. Also see examples of 3 year budget planning.
  7. How to create Digital marketing dashboard for reviews.
  8. How to conduct digital marketing reviews the right way.
  9. Core marketing principles and how it impacts your digital marketing, how to get your positioning right for digital.
  10. How to have the right mix of people in the team and agencies, people factor is critical too, what to outsource, what to keep it inhouse.
  11. 4 digital markets, how everything falls under it.
  12. Tools that are critical for all research and strategy. The most consolidated list. And much more ….

It ain't like other digital marketing courses, this is A+ grade, that makes you ready for industry, that enables you to learn more and attach to your structure, the USP is, what you learn on Sunday changes your Monday, plain and simple, most practical classes ever. At DMU we focus on actionable advice (see what people say about us), so our training sessions help individuals learn the core strategic concepts of digital marketing from a business perspective and learn the best practices for digital communications.

Week 1 - Module 1

Introduction to our Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning journey

What it means to be good at digital marketing strategy, what it means in a real sense. Different components of it.

1 hr lecture, 3 videos to watch, few books to read

It all starts with knowing how to put goals

We will be using the OKR method to set goals, a life skill as a business leader, this can be extended to any phase of life.

2 hrs lecture, 2 case discussions, reading material, exercises

    How it starts with a draft, then weightage, then analysis (competitor, market, SWT and TG analysis), how all this helps you getting objectives for 3 years, goals for a year, detailed numbers for each quarter, can be extended to months and weeks. Short, mid and long term goals. Branding, organic growth and sales mix. With examples and exercises.

Analysis Sub-Components of Strategy Making

It is all about experiments, customer behaves differently for one industry than the other and hence it makes sense to test the waters

1 hrs lecture, examples, reading material, exercises

  1. Lecture: Buyers funnel, understanding issues at each level
  2. Lecture: Customer behaviour along the funnel
  3. Lecture & Frameworks: Digital Market analysis
  4. Lecture & Frameworks: Digital Segmentation
  5. Lecture & Frameworks: Business fundamentals

How to select right TG - Messages

Out of the segments create, how to select the right target groups and the value proposition for each segment

2 hrs lecture, 2 case discussions, reading material, exercises

How to select the right channels & messages

How to select the right channels for the right TGs and for each channel the best practices for ad messages and landing page messages along with possible CTAs. This is mapped with different phases of the customer’s journey.

2 hrs lecture, 2 case discussions, videos, reading material

How to allocate budget & define ROI

Not just limited to the tools, it is also about a lot other different things that make your marketing more effective & efficient

2 hrs lecture, 1 case discussions, frameworks, exercises, reading materials

  1. Lecture & Examples: We have a budget allocation matrix with different components, based on goals this can be filled up. Also this can give you a rough roadmap for 3 years.
  2. Lecture & Framework: LTV and FTV concept, what are the things in our hand to optimize for optimal CPA

Redefine goals: Short-term, mid-term and long-term goals

Strategic goals represent critical or important achievements in your organizational strategy. They’re objectives to be achieved over the next three to five years, which link out to your measures and initiatives.

2 hrs lecture, 2 readings, 1 case discussion

  1. Lecture: Is Short term critical? Within 3 months
  2. Lecture & examples: When you don’t need sales, you can work on organic and branding
  3. Lecture & introduction to models: What route we should take Paid, Organic or Branding?
  4. Lecture: Competitor analysis for your industry
  5. Lecture & examples: Paid Ads Sustainability, Finding the breakeven point and feasibility
  6. Lecture: Organic SEO feasibility study
  7. Lecture: How to make branding activities feasible?

Channel strategy - Search

Paid , organic & branding (Paid Owned Earned)
Strategy components, the core areas that impacts, structures to each paid channel. This is quickest way to get control over your ad campaigns. How to look at report, how to do analysis of existing campaigns etc.

Landing page optimization

Learning the most effective ways of creating landing page, this in unlike any other training, this is based on your goals, customer funnels and the best practices. This is not only for PPC landing pages but also for organic traffic landing pages.

2 hrs lecture, 2 readings, examples, exercises

Channel strategy – Social, profile & Content

Media consumption across the globe is increasingly
happening in digital formats. Learn how your customer is consuming digital content and where is the real market.

2 hrs lecture, 4 readings, 1 case discussion, tools

  1. Lecture: Paid Owned Earned
  2. Hygiene – Investment for goals mix
  3. Content consolidation vs content creation for 2019
  4. Lecture: Viral Content vs content for TG
  5. Lecture & examples: The best practices, the strategy components.

Other channels and full strategy components

Between Search / Profile / Context – the 75% of the budget is consumed in general cases. There are various other channels which fits into the strategy email, affiliate, one on one etc, also there is a full funnel nurturing using marketing automation.

Full Strategy Component continues along with analytics, big data and full-funnel