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LikeMinds Nudge Festival | Masterminds to Follow on Social Media

This year’s LikeMinds event was a great success with keynotes and masterclasses from many of the world’s most insightful thought leaders from a broad range of industries and backgrounds. We have curated the list of all the speakers who participated and made the day worthwhile for the audience pool of 400+ entrepreneurs and business leaders. We believe that learning is a continuous journey and we at DMU make sure that you keep yourself updated with whatever new is happening in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Keynote Speakers

  • Keynote 1: How to Rocket Power Your Business. By Felix Velarde (LinkedIn / Twitter)
  • Keynote 2: Phoning It In – Why We Aren’t Reaching Our Full Potential In a Constantly on World. By Laura Willis (LinkedIn / Twitter) Co-founder at Shine Offline
  • Keynote 3: The Three Most Untapped Levers of Productivity. By Minter Dial (LinkedIn / Twitter) Founder at The Myndset
  • Keynote 4: Why Companies do Innovation Theatre Instead of Actual Innovation. By Nicole Yershon (LinkedIn / Twitter) Founder at NY Collective
  • Keynote 5: Developing Creative Superpowers. By Daniele Fiandaca (LinkedIn / Twitter) Co-founder at Utopia
  • Keynote 6: I Told You. It’s All Connected. By Suki Fuller (LinkedIn / TwitterFounder Miribure
  • Keynote 7: Are You Feeling Lucky? By Chris Moss (LinkedIn / Twitter) Founder, MAV3RICK
  • Keynote 8: Stand out: The Shift From MORE to MEANINGFUL. By Luke Lang (LinkedIn / Twitter) Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Crowdcube
  • Keynote 9: Sensing the Future. By Kim Arazi (LinkedIn / TwitterFounder, Innosensi
  • Keynote 10: How To Get To Great Ideas. By Dave Birss (LinkedIn / TwitterAuthor
  • Keynote 11: How to Create Human Blockchains. By Adah Parris (LinkedIn / Twitter) TED 2019 Emerging Innovator and one of the Top 100 Black and Minority Ethnic Leaders in Tech in the UK
  • Keynote 12: What I Learnt From Working with Google. By Robert Craven (LinkedIn / Twitter) Founder, Grow Your Digital Agency Initiative

Speakers from the Masterclass

The LikeMinds team has curated a broad range of experts in their field to help delegates understand the different platforms and frameworks in more detail that can help you grow and scale a business. From how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram or how to create effective advertising campaigns on social media to building a sales pipeline and learning how to network confidently, the experts are on hand to help the audience navigate some of the more complex challenges in building a business and brand in the 21st century.

  • John Harvey (LinkedIn), Samphire Club on Networking
  • Aji Mathew (LinkedIn / Twitter), on 5x Agency Growth 12 Steps Checklist
  • Ben Travers (LinkedIn / Twitter), Stevens Scown on Intellectual Property
  • Chris Moss (LinkedIn), Mav3rick on Seeing Things Differently
  • Emma McLeod (LinkedIn / Twitter), Astley Media on Building a Brand with Purpose
  • John Courtney (LinkedIn / Twitter), Boardroom Advisors on Common Challenges When Scaling
  • Phil Sampson (LinkedIn / Twitter), Sampson Hall on Leading Millennials
  • Chris Lorimer (LinkedIn / Twitter), SWGS – Scaling your Business with Emotional Logic
  • Will Granger (LinkedIn), Granted on Research and Development Tax Credits: catalyzing innovation for maximum returns
  • Mike Turner (LinkedIn / Twitter), Super Socialise Me on Facebook & LinkedIn Marketing
  • David Alexander (LinkedIn / Twitter), Advocate International on Developing Your Business
  • Dan Smale (LinkedIn / Twitter), The Client Factory on Google Ad’s 10 Tips on How to Avoid Wasting Budget
  • Rob Breeds (LinkedIn / Twitter), Elixel on Design Thinking in practice: Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation
  • Tom Kennard (LinkedIn / Twitter), Granted on Maximising investment appeal: what do investors and non-dilutive funders want from technology innovators
  • Ben Stirling (LinkedIn / Twitter), Made With Maturity on Creative Design vs Audience Needs – How to Create the Right Balance
  • Tom Ziemski (LinkedIn / Twitter), Sampson Hall on GDPR – A Practical Workshop to Assess GDPR Risk
  • Mike Turner (LinkedIn / Twitter), Super Socialise Me on Facebook & LinkedIn Marketing
  • Adam Graham (LinkedIn / Twitter), Grey Matters on New Business For Agencies
  • Robert Camp (LinkedIn / Twitter), Stevens Scown on Does it Always Have to be About Shareholder Value?
  • Rob Pendleton (LinkedIn / Twitter) on How to Guarantee Business Growth.
  • Anne Cantelo (LinkedIn / Twitter), Onyx Communications on The Essentials of Reputation Management
  • Matthew Porter on Coaching in the Moment. Helping Transform You and Your Business
  • Katharine Bourke (LinkedIn / Twitter), South West Growth Service on Scaling your Business
  • Dan Smale (LinkedIn / Twitter), The Client Factory on Google Ad’s 10 Tips on How to Avoid Wasting Budget
  • Sawsan Khuri (LinkedIn / Twitter), Collaborative Capacities on Design Thinking in The Digital Era
  • Sara Traynor (LinkedIn / Twitter), on How Boards Solve Business Problems Using LEGO® Serious Play®

Hope this list will help you connect with the best minds in digital. Content is curated from the website.